Saturday, August 14, 2010

Zane's camera

Back in May we got Zane this cheap little digital camera for his "graduation" from 5th grade. He was always taking pictures with his phone, so we figured that would be a good gift for him. Here's a couple of the pictures he has taken this summer:

These are a couple drawings that Zane made on a note I left him one morning while Raegan and I were out and about and he was still sleeping. He's a pretty good artist, I think!

The Iron Man that Luke and I painted on Zane's wall several years ago. His whole room has a Marvel Superhero theme.

Self portrait #1

Self portrait #2

She looks like a little girl! Nooooooo!

You would not believe how many times we find a dead cat in our bathroom. :)

Sometimes the flash is too bright, but you can't ask for much from a cheap camera. Really, Zane does a pretty good job of taking pictures. He's getting a lot better at centering them, for sure.


Olivia Arlene said...

That's a pretty awesome gift! Who knows, maybe he will become a famous photographer someday...

Just Passing Through said...

Zane does have a really good eye and an artistic streak that I know you'll encourage. Of course I love his self-portraits and the shots of Miss Muffin, but the dead cat. . . that's priceless!

Claire Emma Miller said...

The self portraits - HELLO HANDSOME!!!!

TAB said...