Saturday, August 28, 2010

Change of plans :(

Well, my plan was to upload pictures from Raegan's birthday party this afternoon, but Blogger's picture uploader is not cooperating with me beyond the first couple pictures that I uploaded. So I have 3 to give you tonight, and hopefully tomorrow I can get the rest of them up.

Sweet kiss!

Best family picture we could manage. The only one where Raegan
is facing the camera at least.

Now that Zane's hair is so long, Raegan loooooves to pull on it.
I rather like this picture, actually. :)


Olivia Arlene said...

LOL! Love that last picture! So funny ;-)

Love the first one too :-) Nothin better than baby kisses!

You have a lovely family!

Just Passing Through said...

Liv, You should have been there to hear Zane's screams in that last picture. She was really getting a handful of hair and I think there might have been some real pain in all the laughter.