Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tri-Rivers Fair parade

Yesterday Raegan, Zane and I went to the Tri-Rivers Fair parade with some friends. It's amazing how pleasant 92 degrees feels when it was 107 the day before! We found a spot in the shade of the Access television truck, so it was pretty nice. Zane got a decent amount of candy and Raegan got to see her first parade, so we left happy. :)
This is Raegan when the parade first started. She was very skeptical about the whole thing.

"Seriously. WHY are we watching all of this?"

Zane and his friend Gavin

"Okay Mama. This isn't half bad!"

Raegan loves Randy!

Zane was kind of trying to avoid this picture actually, hence the strange smile.

Tiny donkey!

From a distance all you could see was the white animal, and we all thought there was going to be a real tiger in the cage. Turns out it was just some stuffed animals. Not cool, Rolling Hills.

She has a wrapped sucker in her hand to entertain her. Don't judge me. :)

She loves playing with water bottles. :)

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Olivia Arlene said...

Your 92 degree comment made me laugh.

Hey, no judging on the sucker on my end lol! Whatever it takes to keep em entertained is worth it!

I remember the simpler days when all it took was a water bottle to make my kids happy. Enjoy it while you can ;-)