Sunday, August 29, 2010

Raegan's birthday party

Blogger is uploading pictures soooooo slowly, but at least they're uploading now. So here are some of the pictures from Raegan's party yesterday. We took a TON of pictures, so I narrowed it down a little to save myself the time of uploading them all.

Already she knows to grab the money!

My mother-in-law brought Zane's old sippy cup for Raegan to have. Raegan popped it right in her mouth, then was like, "Hey!" since there wasn't anything in it.

Okay, enough of this. I'm outta here!

Yaaaay for presents!

Sitting on the push toy that Luke and I got her

Raegan's cake. The woman from church who made my wedding cake also made this cake. Doesn't she do a fantastic job?!

She wasn't really sure why everyone was singing :)

What do I do with it? (As Zane said, it's the only thing she's come across that she didn't automatically stick in her mouth. Very true!)

I had to shove a little in her mouth to get her to realize it was okay to eat. :)
See her pissy look?

Sneak kiss from Zane

Hmmmm, do I like this?

Grandpa! This is awesome!

Bathing in the cakey goodness

Newest cousin Jacy (she was born May 16th)


Olivia Arlene said...

Looks fun! Cute cake!

Claire Emma Miller said...

Looks like she cleaned up in the presents department!!!

Shannon said...

Claire: Yes, she made out extremely well. The little princess has more cash to her name than I do right now. :)