Saturday, August 28, 2010

12 month appointment

Raegan's 12 month well check was yesterday. She's starting to change - last visit she was 50% for height and 55% for weight. This visit she was 70% for height and 40% for weight. She's only gained a pound and 5 ounces since her last visit 3 months ago. I think it's because she doesn't put up with jarred baby food for long before she wants to start feeding herself, and I know she doesn't get as much in that way. I'm not actually concerned about it, because she's developing well and she is eating a wide variety of food, so all is good.

I opted for only one vaccination this time (HepA), and we'll go back in a month or so for the MMR. I was pleased to hear that our pediatrician won't allow children to get the MMR and the varicella at the same time since they are both live viruses. That had been one of my concerns looking at the AAP vaccination schedule, and it was nice to know that our office thinks about those things too. I'm not completely convinced that I'm going to get Raegan a varicella until closer to kindergarten, because you build a much better immunity from getting chickenpox than you do from the vaccination, but we'll see. Raegan did run a low fever (100.4) last night and was terribly crabby and fussy yesterday, which I attribute to a combination of the vaccine and her cold. However, I do feel better getting them spaced out a little.

Raegan had to have her blood lead level and her iron level checked, so we had to go to the lab and have her thumb pricked. She didn't cry at the actual prick, but after a minute of having her arm held down to get blood she was less than pleased.

So Raegan is developing beautifully and we'll go back in 3 months for her 15 month appointment.

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