Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer is ending! :(

Today Raegan and I went to lunch with my mom, as kind of our last hurrah before school starts. We went to Jalisco's in Lindsborg, which has some very tasty Mexican food. Raegan liked the guacamole, but wasn't nearly as into the beans as she is at our other Mexican restaurant. I forgot to take my camera in because I was going to get a picture of our last summer ladies lunch, but I did take a couple pictures at my mom's house.

Raegan was up again in the middle of the night for at least 45 minutes that I know of before I fell asleep. She slept until almost 9:00 but missed her morning nap. I expected her to take a decent nap in the afternoon. Turns out, she fell asleep in the car at 1:00. I transferred her to her swing at 1:30, and she was awake for 10 minutes or so then. Then she slept until 4:15. Holy cow, longest nap ever! I wish she would tell me when she's going to take long naps so that I can take one too! :)


Just Passing Through said...

Let me say this again: I am sure going to miss hanging out with you and Little Miss Muffin. It's been a special time.

Olivia Arlene said...

Aww, love sleepy pictures :-)

Jalisco's is pretty yummy!