Friday, March 23, 2012

Sesame Street Live

Sesame Street Live was in Wichita earlier this month, so Raegan and I made the trip down Friday afternoon after I got off work. Luke was still in Colordado on his ski trip with his brothers, so it was a nice opportunity for some Mommy and Raegan time.

Before the show. I couldn't hardly get her to look in the direction of the camera she was so busy looking around at everything!

The look on Raegan's face when Bert and Ernie first came out and started talking. Made it worth every penny!!!

So funny!

Raegan loved clapping along with everyone else after every song

Raegan's favorite characters

This is what Raegan looked like when we got home at 9:30. :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Raegan's car

Last summer my mom got a really good deal at a garage sale. The woman gave her this motorized car for free. The problem was that the wires to the battery had been cut/tampered with/whatever by some neighbor kids, and she was just going to throw it away. She gave it to us, which we were super excited about having for Raegan when she got older. We finally got around to getting a new battery for it (we were waiting partially because Raegan wasn't old enough, and partially because those things aren't cheap) and now we have a motorized car for Raegan for about a third of the price of a fancy one from the store.

Raegan LOVES her car! She asks every day now if she can ride it. When she first gassed it and started rolling along, she could not stop giggling. It's pretty cute to watch!

Trip to Pasadena California

I was very fortunate last month to have the opportunity to go to Pasadena California for a training. The training was about math and science for preschoolers, and it was fantastic. But even better than the training was that I got to attend with a coworker that I enjoy quite a bit. We had a lot of fun on our down time, and were able to see and do many things in our three short days in sunny Cali. We went to a ritzy champagne bar one night, and a wine tasting bar the next night. Every morning we had pastries beside a fireplace. It was very relaxing and rejuvenating!

Flying in over the mountains

View from Old Pasadena (shopping district). Look at all of those lush green trees!

If it weren't for all the traffic and people, I think I could live there!

Phone booth!

My coworker Christina

A really pretty church at night

Our dessert fondue at The Melting Pot

Chocolate fondue - yes please!

My martini had ice cream in it!!! ICE CREAM!!

Pretty palm trees

Look at me lighting a bulb with tin foil and a battery! Smart stuff!

Our last morning there was the first one that wasn't instantly sunny and warm

View from the front of our hotel

Christina and I

Little did we know we were headed for airport hell. Our first flight was delayed, meaning we missed our connecting flight out of Houston. We spent the night in Houston at the Most Awful Hotel in the World. (I think that might have actually been the name of the place!)

So we went from this.....

To this....

And this. Ugh.

Besides the way it ended, it was a lovely trip. One of the perks of my job is definitely being able to go to trainings. Not only is it a way to learn more about areas of my profession, but it's nice to get away for a couple days.

Khloe's 5th Birthday

Oh my goodness. What a whirlwind the last month has been. I have so much catching up to do on here!

First up, Khloe's birthday party from the beginning of this month:

Handsome Baby Ryan

This picture makes me laugh so much!

Raegan kind of looks and talks to Ryan like Dory from Finding Nemo. He's her squishy!

Thing #1 and Thing #2

It was a theme party "dress as your favorite character"

Raegan wasn't too sure what to think as the house filled up with more and more people!

Waiting oh so patiently for lunch

Opening presents

The cake that my SIL made - pretty cool!

Ryan was not too impressed with the whole shebang

Groupd pic of all the characters!