Monday, April 7, 2014

6 weeks old!

Today Ava is 6 weeks old! I can't believe she's already been a part of our family for so long. If I were taking a "standard" maternity leave I would be at work right now. Ugh. That just sounds awful. I'm so glad I'm staying home until August.

Last week was a big week for Ava. Monday marked her first cold and first non well check visit to the doctor. Raegan wasn't sick until she was much older, so Ava had me a little worried. She had a fever of 100.2 Sunday evening (100.4 is when you take them in when they are that young) and was really congested. Our doctor said she is just fine - her lungs sound good and her ears are clear, so I just need to keep an eye on her at this point.

Monday was also Ava's first time to roll over from tummy to back. She was doing tummy time after supper and as she was rocking back and forth I said, "You're just going to roll over, aren't you?" Then BAM! over she went. It was pretty exciting.

Wednesday, Ava started giving us intentional smiles. There were a couple times the week before where Luke and I thought she was smiling intentionally, but Wednesday it was obvious, and she kept doing it. She's such a pretty baby, but she just lights up when she smiles.

She's still sleeping well. Between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. she usually wakes up twice, but sometimes I get blessed and she only wakes up once. She wants to nurse pretty frequently in the evening, but I'll take that tradeoff for being able to sleep decently at night. She's quite the grumbler though and usually will spend at least 30 minutes after her second night feeding groaning and grumbling. Right now I can laugh about it, but it's not quite that funny when I'm trying to get back to sleep....

Cloth diapering is going well. I'm still not using them at night, but her legs are still so skinny I'm afraid she'll leak out the sides with them on for an extended time. They work pretty well during the day - I've only had a few blow outs, but they would have wrecked a disposable too, so not bad. Mainly I'm using my Flips and prefolds, but I do have a few newborn all in ones that I'm using too. Laundry hasn't been a problem yet, and I'm hoping I can get Luke to hang me a laundry line soon so we don't have all these diapers hanging around the house to dry.

Ava fell asleep during tummy time yesterday. And then proceeded to sleep for over an hour. But she won't sleep in her cradle. Silly girl!