Thursday, November 20, 2014


It seems like every day Ava is changing. I think my favorite time during the baby months is like 8 months-16 or 18 months. There are so many changes, and I love watching all the wonder on their faces as they discover new things about the world. Really, I love every month of the baby months, but the mobile infant stage was so fun with Raegan and I'm excited for it with Ava too.

Ava is basically crawling. She can crawl 5 or 6 paces before she plops down and goes back to army crawling. I think she realizes that she can move so much faster by army crawling so that's her default. On Wednesday last week she pulled herself up on her toy box. It's not tall enough for her to have been completely standing up, but she had her legs straight with her butt up in the air. :) And this Sunday she finally (after practicing all weekend) mastered going from crawling to sitting, or sitting to crawling. She so badly wants to be mobile and keep up with the big kids.

Lots of babbling - bah bah, ma ma, da da, and a scolding sounding one that sound likes blah blah blah. Her favorite thing to do these days is shake her head no whenever we ask her a question. It's hilarious. I love this silly girl so much.