Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another trip to the lake

Here's a couple pictures from our trip to Kanopolis yesterday. Us girls ended up getting out there around 10:30 and only staying until 12:30 because we had skipped Raegan's morning nap. She was pretty much falling asleep in the boat, which I took as my cue for us to go. :) I got to ride the tube with two of my nieces, which was fun but rough. I haven't been on a tube for two years now (due to being pregnant and all last summer) and this was a three seater where the back seat is really rough. Luke said I looked like one of the balls in those push toy popcorn poppers for toddlers.
I'm not sure why it looks so grey in this picture. It was actually a beautiful sunny blue skied day.

Raegan was much more pleasant about wearing her life jacket this time - I got her into it without any help, and she only wailed for a minute or two.


Just Passing Through said...

Her hair sure has a redish tinge when she's out in the sun. Your dad says she looks pretty laid back in these photos.

Shannon said...

Her hair looks different depending on what lighting she's in. It's starting to look really blonde when we're inside, but outside I can definitely see the red in it.