Friday, July 27, 2012

A Week in Pictures

One of Raegan's favorite things to do right now is watch little Sesame Street videos on my iPod. Her favorite is Share It Maybe, Cookie Monster's take on Call Me Maybe (which is currently Raegan's faaaaavorite song).

We've been very busy this week - a couple trips to the pool and the library, visiting Granny at work, and playing hard at home. (We have to wring every last drop of fun out of summer that we can!) Here's Raegan crashed during nap one day.

One of our trips to the pool with Greyson and Katie.

Today was the summer reading program celebration at the library. Raegan was convinced that it was going to be just like a birthday party. She was a little overwhelmed by all the people and especially the people in costumes, but she enjoyed herself.

Getting her face painted for the first time.


Her cotton candy at lunch was almost as big as her face! :)

Weekend in Olathe

Last weekend was my brother's birthday, so Raegan and I hitched a ride with my parents to Olathe to join in the celebration. Raegan had a lot of fun with her cousins, and the grownups all had a great time playing board games.

Raegan did a fairly good job of entertaining herself for the 3 hour car ride.

Raegan and Granny headed to the bathroom as soon as we got there, and Ryan went and started peeking under the door for his Granny. It was pretty funny.

Little man

Such cuties!

Ryan and Granny

My dorky brother

Playing Cranium

Me and my little cutie boo

Swimming after supper with the kids

Love my baby brother!

First haircut!

Today was a big milestone, probably more for Mommy than for Raegan. She has never had a haircut before, and we wanted to get it trimmed just a tiny bit before she started school. Raegan had been excited about it all week. She talked about it the whole car ride to my salon, and was running to the door. And as soon as we walked in, bam! No way was she smiling or talking to anyone. She held still pretty good though, and she perked up quite a bit when Daddy showed up.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Raegan is going through a phase right now where she likes to wear lots of hair pretties and jewelry. Some days she will wear two headbands and clips in her hair, because she needs MORE PRETTIES. :) Here she is coloring with the feather clip from her Halloween costume in her hair.

Playing in the Water

Jacy and Bailey came over for awhile on Sunday afternoon to play in the water with Raegan. Good way to beat the heat! :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last week

Here's everything we've been up to in the last week. We had a couple cooler mornings, but now we're back to another endless string of 100 degree days. I am ready for fall!

Raegan washed her trike while Daddy washed his motorcycle the other night. She loved it! The next morning she woke up (at the crack of dawn!) and said, "My bike is dirty. I need to wash it."

Hanging out at the library

Raegan's cousins from Missouri are in town, and we got to hang out with them at the mall. Jacy is about 9 months younger than Raegan, and they're both finally old enough that they can play together.

Here they are "sharing"

If we're outside, it typically involves water. Here's Raegan at the outdoor pool at our gym

And here she is playing in her water table. I added bubbles to it after I took this picture, and it kept her entertained for probably close to an hour. :)

4th of July

Better late than never - here's pics from the 4th of July. It was definitely a lot more fun this year, in that Raegan really GOT what was going on. She is still talking about it almost daily, three weeks later. She loved the little poppers, and was not at all scared by all the noise from the big fireworks. Actually, for her, the louder and brighter, the better.

Poppers with Uncle Devin

So much fun!

Entertaining us while we waited for it to get dark enough

Raegan actually wasn't the biggest fan of the smoke bombs

As you can tell from how far away she's standing

Watching fireworks with Grandma

Happy 4th of July!