Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We went tonight to enroll Zane in middle school. I cannot believe that he is going to be roaming the halls of that big school in less than two weeks. The nice thing is that the sixth graders are kind of segregated from the 7th and 8th graders - their classes and lockers are all in one wing. Zane's locker is right in the middle of all of his core classes, and it's not too far of a walk to Art, P.E. and Band. We couldn't get his combination lock on his locker to open, so if we have time tomorrow I'm going to take him back over so we can fiddle with it some more and probably get some help. Another nice thing that USD 305 does is that the 6th graders go to school for a full day before the rest of the middle school starts. It's not really a school day, more of an orientation. And then that evening Luke and I will get the joy of spending an hour and a half (who plans these meetings?!) at the Parent Night meeting the teachers and learning a little bit more about what middle school will be like.

I jokingly told Zane that we're going to homeschool him or have him do online school after this year, because next year it's going to get ridiculously expensive to have him in middle school. The fees break down like this (we only had to pay the first two this year):

Enrollment: $60
Activity Ticket and Yearbook: $25 (I *know* this isn't a necessity, but what kid doesn't want a yearbook, and it would have been $25 for just the yearbook alone)
Gym Clothes: $20
Activity Fee: $50 (this is for him to be in band or a sport)

Yep. Ridiculous. Why they have to wear specific shorts and t-shirts I don't know. Seems like he has a whole dresser full of shorts and t-shirts that he could sweat in just fine. *shrugs* And why 7th and 8th graders need specific gym clothes and 6th graders don't, I couldn't tell you.

So the boy is enrolled and starts on August 16th. Yikes!

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We are enrolling Sean in Kindergarten tomorrow...