Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Raegan's End of the Year Program

What a difference a few months makes! Raegan was fairly shy, and didn't always sing or do actions during her Christmas program at school. At this one in May she walked in very confidently and sang and participated in the majority of the songs. I was so proud of her! :)

Here's a collage of Raegan's first day and last day of preschool. My sweet baby is growing up!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Raegan is reading!

Raegan has known all of the letter sounds for quite a few months now. She's been able to sound out three letter words, but hasn't been able to blend it into actual reading yet. On April 24th (recording this date for posterity!) we were reading a book and I was showing her how to sound out words in it. Afterwards, I wrote the word cat on a piece of paper and told her to sound it out. She sounded it out and blended it into a word. The look on her face was pure amazement. You could see it click with her - this is how you read. She had me write more words and tried to sound them out (she could do "it" but not a few others). Later when she was playing with her blocks she noticed they had words on them and started trying to sound them out too.

Currently we are working on the -at family, which she's pretty fluid at. She can also do "mom" which I threw in there to make Raegan actually have to read instead of just memorizing. Now we're starting on the -an family.

I love reading so much. I was such a reader when I was a child, and I'm so excited to see my daughter start on the same path.