Saturday, July 17, 2010

Video Post

Here's a couple short videos I took this evening of Raegan. Leave me a comment if you can't hear the sound. I can't, but I think it's just my computer?

This is Raegan's latest trick. She likes to dance to her ball pop. I can't believe what a smart girl she is that she starts kicking when I ask her if she's going to dance. :)

Raegan's a little speed demon these days. I love the dramatic panting she does when she really gets going. Can you see the pissy look on Daisy's face as she zooms by? lol


Just Passing Through said...

okay, so did she go back to "pet" Daisy after she realized that she'd flown by her?

Just Passing Through said...

I loved it when Raegan was "dancing" while we there - she's so fun!!!

Laurie said...

Dancing beauty!
Daisy looks like she realizes she might as well get used to the "Little Missy"! Hopefully they have an "understanding!

Laurie said...

Oops! I keep thinking the comment option is at the end of the post so I get mixed up! Sorry. Oh well. I'll just move the comment to the proper place!

Diaper comment: I see nothing all that cute about the jean-look diapers or the way Huggies is "selling" them. Ick. Babies are "cute" not "cool"! Leave "cool" way out of the picture for as long as possible! And let babies be babies, not "baby adults" There are enough "baby adults"! (My opinion may not be shared by most, but there you have it... Well, there you have some of my opinion. I could go on!)