Friday, July 23, 2010

Manhattan water park

Yesterday my mom and I took the kids to the water park in Manhattan. When we went to the zoo last week we discovered that City Pool had been transformed from the large pool with a simple slide that it was when we lived there to a full out water park. It was a lot of fun. They have a really good kids' area (which you can see pictures of in the link) and some neat things that our water park doesn't have. I think we will go back next summer when Raegan is able to last longer so that we can also go to the splash park and playground in City Park. Raegan really did very well - we managed to stay from a little after 1:00 until 3:30, when she conked out. I wasn't able to get my usual picture of the kids together when we do something fun, or one of me with the kids, but by the time we all got back together again Raegan was beyond tired.

Some pictures:

Zane's insane amount of hair did a faux-hawk every time he came up out of the water. :)

Raegan found this cup on the side of the pool and she would NOT leave it alone. She actually cruised along the side of the pool to get to it when I moved it away, which is pretty brave for her!

My exhausted little mama


Just Passing Through said...

She did VERY well that day (except for irritating her brother so much on the way home LOL). I think she is a very "adaptable" little lady.

TAB said...

Water parks are THE best for beating the summer heat! Love that last photo. Classic!