Friday, July 9, 2010

Mall playplace

Due to some serious ungratefulness on Zane's part, Raegan and I ended up going to the playplace at the mall by ourselves this afternoon. The original plan was the Kansas museum here in town, but I don't do the whole entitled thing, so we might try again another day.

Raegan had so much fun at the playplace! It's pretty small, but so is she, so it's just right. When we go to the park I won't let her crawl around because of all the wood chips, but at the playplace it's all carpet, so she was in business. When we first got to the mall, there were a bunch of big kids (i.e. 7 or 8 years old) that were being crazy and really had no business being in the playplace in the first place. So Raegan and I walked around for awhile and I bought myself a shirt at Cato's. When we came back there was only three kids, and no one looked over five, so we stayed. There was a little girl whose Grandma said she was 13 months old that Raegan just loved! She's really getting interested in other kids. This little girl was crawling like a speed demon all over the playplace, and Raegan kept following her around. She could also crawl up the slide, which Raegan is no where near being able to accomplish yet, but she sure did give it a try. I did discover today that Raegan can crawl up steps, because she took the two steps leading out to the food court like a pro! :)

I had a really hard time getting any pictures of Raegan, because she was so busy either crawling around or looking at all of the other kids, but here's what I did manage:

She hit the ground running, er, crawling. :)

"They can walk?!?! And run?!?! I wanna!"

She was constantly watching the other kids!

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Olivia Arlene said...

That is a really nice play place! Just perfect for little ones and I love how padded everything is.