Monday, July 26, 2010

Good eater

I am so very proud of Raegan's eating habits. One of the things that I was very determined to do was make sure that I introduce her to a variety of healthy foods as a baby so that hopefully she would not be a picky eater. Zane is actually a pretty good eater. This is very surprising, because Luke is horribly picky and when Zane lived with his mom when he was very little he ate McDonalds almost every day. But by some miracle of God Zane eats most fruits and vegetables. He really doesn't like most ethnic foods though - Taco Bell and spaghetti are about as ethnic as he gets. I love just about any kind of ethnic food there is, so I really wanted to introduce Raegan to a lot of things early so that she would hopefully feel the same way I do. I've also read that the flavors of what you eat while you nurse pass to your baby, so I hoped that she was getting a taste of the goodness from the get-go.

Here's a list of foods that Raegan eats well. I put a star by the foods that she L-O-V-E-S.

-Bananas *
-Fresh Apple
-Fresh Canteloupe *
-Salsa *
-Black Beans *
-Avocado *
-Peas *
-Green Beans
-Squash *
-Turkey and Chicken (not a huge fan of beef so far)
-Sweet Potatoes
-Pita bread
-Water (she loves drinking water, which is great in this summer heat)

I flavor a lot of foods with garlic and/or onion and she really seems to like those flavors too. So far the only foods I've tried with her that she doesn't like are blueberries, beef, and any kind of cereal, no matter what texture I make it. Not too worried about that one though - she likes most fruits and vegetables, and that's the important thing! Hopefully she will like cow's milk more than I do....


Just Passing Through said...

Actually, if she's not a fan of bread-type things, it might work to her advantage health and weight-wise. I love it that we three can enjoy our Mexican food-refried beans together.

Olivia Arlene said...

Awesome! Way to go! My kids aren't huge fans of beef still! When I first introduced Sean to beef when he was a baby he actually cried lol! I felt so bad, he looked as if I'd done something horrible to him lol!

I love avocado! I should start buying them and trying to get my kids to eat them :-)

I hope Raegan keeps up her good eating habits for you.

TAB said...

It takes a lot of kids a long time to start liking the meats. I think it's a texture thing.
I'm so happy for you that she loves to eat such a variety! That's awesome! I think she eats better than my kids and I thought THEY ate well! ;-)