Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More fun at the mall

I mentioned in front of Zane that I really like taking Raegan to the playplace at the mall but there's always big kids there being foolish and it makes me nervous. He said that we should go right before the mall opens, because last summer when he would go to the summer movies with his friend Gavin, they would always get there early and the playplace was deserted. So this morning we headed over to the mall a little before 10:00 (which is when it opens) and had the WHOLE playplace to ourselves. Great idea Zane! I told him he was awesome!

So because there were no big kids running around and leaping over the top of my baby's head (!!!!!) I was able to take this video of Raegan climbing the stairs. She's also started climbing our basement stairs at home, but she has a lot more luck with the ones at the mall because they're shallower and she can grip the plastic a lot better.


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Just Passing Through said...

That's my girl!!! I think Zane deserves "The World's Best Big Brother" award. He amazes me and she OBVIOUSLY adores him!