Sunday, July 18, 2010

More new accomplishments!

New accomplishments that I can think of for Raegan this last week:

-If you say the words "bye bye" or "hi" she will start waving without you waving first. Most of the time, that is.

-For quite a while now I've been telling Raegan "feed your baby" or "kiss your baby" and mimicking what to do for her, then she would smack the baby's face with its bottle or put her open mouth on her for a kiss. Now I tell her to do those things and she does them without me showing her what to do first.

-At the mall playplace yesterday Raegan climbed all four steps up the slide. They're very wide, but pretty shallow, so perfect for learning on.

-Another tooth poked its way through on the top right on Wednesday. There's a hard bud on the bottom (left I think?) so I would expect another one before summer's over. And boy oh boy, can we tell that she's teething because she was up every two hours last night and a BEAR to be around today!

-Raegan ate an entire size 2 jar (4 ounces) of food for dinner last night, along with some pita bread bits and a couple bites of a new jar of fruit. This was after a half jar for lunch, along with a few noodles and bits of fruit. Today she was a little more out of sorts, but still ate a whole jar between lunch and dinner along with bits of my steamed veggies. This is a major increase over what she used to eat, so I'm pleased. I think weaning is going to be hard going, because she L-O-V-E-S nursing more than anything, and would still be content not to eat any solids and just nurse exclusively.


Olivia Arlene said...

Yay for accomplishments!

Laurie said...

Oh she is a cutey goofy goober! And she's smart! She knows a good nursing and comfort delio when she's got it!
I hope her teeth break through soon so she's more a cuddly content cub than a full grown BEAR!
You are such a good Mommy, Shannon!