Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nice day

Today was a busy day! This morning Granny Ruth came over to watch Raegan so that Luke, Zane and I could go see Toy Story 3. I LOVED it! It made me want to watch the first two again. I will say though, that the $27 we paid for the three of us to watch it in 3D was 100% not worth it. The only reason we actually went to the 3D version was because they had a massive number of showings in 3D but only a late afternoon and early evening in non 3D, and it just worked better for Mom to watch her earlier in the day. Bit of a racket the movie theater has going on, I say!

The weather today was gorgeous! The high today was forcasted to be only 82, but I don't think it ever even got up to that. Raegan and I went to another park in town this afternoon, and then this evening after supper we went walking with my friend Katie and her son Greyson. We kind of got out of the habit for a while there because it was so hot and humid out, but we've managed to go twice this week. She lives close to the park, so we walk over there and take 3 laps around. We usually walk for 40-45 minutes, which means I don't have to go to the gym that day! :) Plus, it's nice to get out with a friend and talk about things.

Bah, this post is getting cutting short because Raegan is awake. We have good nights and not so good nights. I look forward to when she gets back to having consistent good nights of sleep. And good naps. :(

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