Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation, Pt. Two

Here's the rest of our pictures from our vacation to Omaha. Tuesday we got up bright and early and went to the Henry Doorly Zoo. This is my third trip to this zoo, and I have to say that it is my favorite zoo (although Wichita's zoo is a very close second!) There were a couple new exhibits from the last time we went five years ago, but it's a big enough zoo that it doesn't ever feel repetitive to me. A LOT of the zoo is indoors, so even if it had been hot out it still would have been enjoyable. We actually ended up with perfect weather for the zoo - it was 67 when we got there according to the weather gauge on my SUV, and mid 80's when we left at 2:30.

I think the best part of the zoo for me was the Kingdoms of the Night exhibit located underneath the Desert Dome. The website says that it was completed in 2003, but we don't remember going through it last time we were there. The best part was the section that was like a bayou. You walk along this floating boardwalk, and in the water there are crocodiles, beavers, various fish, etc. When Zane and I first walked out onto the boardwalk, he says, "What's that noise?" because there was this hissing like noise. I said it was probably nothing, and when he goes over to the railing to look in the water, this enormous crocodile sticks its head up out of the water and snaps at him!!!! It was F-R-E-A-K-Y! The whole thing was very dim and very creepy, but I loved it! We also got to see a baby gorilla and a baby seal. Both very cute!

Overall, it was a really nice trip. The zoo was a little more expensive than most we go to (we paid $30.75 to get in) but for 5+ hours of entertainment I feel like it was well worth it. It's a very nice zoo, if you are ever in the Omaha area!
Raegan's first hotel stay :)

Fake stalagtites (or stalagmites, I can never remember)

Raegan entertained herself with Zane's water bottle for the first hour at the zoo. Silly girl!

Look at that chunky baby! lol

I love gorillas. They're always so majestic looking.

Raegan really worked on her new found skill of pointing at the aquarium :)

Monster stingray!

I love this picture, because Raegan is way more interested in looking at Zane than at the displays at the aquarium.

Oh, Mama! Look at all those jellyfish!

This family in front of us got a picture of their little girl in front of this friendly little monkey. In this picture, he's a half second away from hopping after them to try to get their cup of pop out of the cupholder of their stroller. Too cute!
There were TONS of koi fish under this one bridge we crossed.

A distant view of the Desert Dome. Isn't it pretty?

Zane's choice of location for me to take my usual picture of the both of them :)

She's always way more interested in pounding on big brother than looking at the camera!

I'm not sure why Zane is leaning away from me? Maybe someone told him I bite! lol

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Olivia Arlene said...

That zoo looks fantastic!!! So cool! It's so cute how much that little girl admires her big brother :-)