Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

Well, it was a busy Memorial Day weekend. The way weekends have fallen in the past, Zane has always been at his mom's for the weekend, even if Memorial Day is Luke's holiday. Obviously the weekends have shifted, because Luke also had Zane for all of Labor Day weekend and all of Thanksgiving break last year. So it was really nice to have the whole family here :) And Luke isn't working Fridays right now, so he had a four day weekend with us. Nice!

We had beautiful sunshiny (mostly) weather Sunday and Monday. Sunday actually ended up being very cool - I don't know that it got past 70 degrees? I had the glorious task of forcing Zane to go outside, because apparently going outside when it's nice out is akin to having bamboo shoved under your fingernails. I don't even have to be creative about torturing him, I just say, "Go outside." "Turn the TV off and play with your room full of toys." *In case you haven't heard, I'm an evil stepmom!

Raegan and I decided we were tired of hanging around slugs and we went to the park right down the road. She LOVES the swings. I put her inside one for a couple minutes, then took her out, and she actually started fussing until I put her back in. I'm really trying to teach her the sign for "more" to hopefully cut down on some of that fussing. After our trip to the park we went over to my in-laws for supper. The whole family was there except my father-in-law, and it was a great time.

Yesterday we went to Old Navy, where we got Zane some new flip flops and Raegan this tank top and these shorts. Too cute! One of the major downfalls of having a girl is that the clothes are always so darn cute. I really have to stop myself, but I thought she could wear them for the Fourth of July. Very necessary, yes?

We finished off the weekend by having my mother-in-law over for dinner last night. I made a pot roast and tried my hand at gravy-that-didn't-come-from-a-jar-or-package-mix for the first time ever. It turned out pretty good, thanks to a little advice from my mom. :)

We were sad that Daddy had to go back to work today. It's supposed to be VERY hot today, so I think after lunch we're going to go over to one of the spray parks for a little while. I went and bought Raegan swim diapers today - EXPENSIVE! The nice thing about Raegan taking two naps is that she takes one the latter part of the morning, so she doesn't need another one until 2:00 or 3:00. We can actually do things in the morning and the afternoon as long as we time them right.


Just Passing Through said...

Dear Mean Stepmom. . .LOL! I KNOW better. Have to say the shorts and tank top where definitely a must for the 4th of July.

Olivia Arlene said...

I love dressing my kids up for holidays! That will be so cute for the 4th of July!

Congrats on your gravy :-)