Saturday, June 19, 2010

Baby Zane

Major posting spree today! :)

I almost forgot: I scanned Zane's angel picture that Luke and Zane's mom got taken when he was 4 or 5 months old. See if you can see any similarities between him and Raegan. Sometimes I can see it in her facial expressions, compared to some of Zane's baby pictures, but not very often.

Zane (wasn't he a doll baby?!)

Obviously the photographer that did Zane's pictures was much better at keeping his diaper out of the shot. I love her expression, but no thanks to the diaper showing. :)
I have to call and talk to the manager on Monday. The girl who did our photos seemed to think that they could scan the photo of Zane and blow it up to a bigger size, which I am excited about. When Zane's mom and Luke split up, she took most of the pictures of Zane with her. Luke has a handful of photos of Zane around the house, and wallets of Zane at 6 weeks, 4 or 5 months, and a year. So if Sears can do that, I'm probably going to get the one year photo of Zane blown up so that we hang it and Raegan's side by side somewhere in the house. I thought would look really neat.
Okay, done posting for the night.


Olivia Arlene said...

Oh wow! I can TOTALLY see the similarities! So cute! Both of them :-)

Just Passing Through said...

I just don't see a lot of similarity between Zane and Raegan in their baby pictures. I do, however, see more now when the two of them are together. I don't think it's in the looks but rather in the "goofy" personalities and some mannerisms. They seem to feed off of each other and are quite the "deadly duo".

TAB said...

I see it, for sure!

Ok, to answer your comment:
Ummm, I think that the glasses during the mission trip was just pure dorkiness. Seriously, I did it for a laugh. I was out of control really. Annoying! Although, looking back on it does still make me chuckle....kinda more like a snort of embarrassment.

You are such a good mom w/ Zane and Raegan! I enjoy your blog.