Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This and that

Raegan and I enjoyed another day of girl time, as Zane will be with his mom until tomorrow evening. We started off our morning with a houseguest:

My mother-in-law wanted to go out of town for today and tomorrow, so she asked if we could watch her dog Wes. Also known as Eeyore. :)

After Raegan's morning nap, we went to Cotijas, which is one my favorite Mexican restaurants. We discovered that Raegan is CRAZY for refried beans. By the time she was losing interest, it dawned on me that her intense and instant love of them probably had something to do with the lard in them. I was thinking of them as the refried beans that I eat at home, which are essentially mashed up black beans. Oh well. I'm sure she's old enough to handle it. I also gave Raegan several sips out of my glass of water, which is one of her new favorite things to do. At home I've been letting her have a couple sips a day out of my water bottle with the lid taken off. It's gotten to the point where if she sees me drinking out of my water bottle she'll open up her mouth wide and just stare at it. I need to keep trying out the sippy cup with her, because she's not interested in it for anything more than banging. Anyways, it was very nice to hang out with my mom and eat a deliciouso chimichanga.

After Raegan's afternoon nap (during which I changed my layout on my blog instead of doing laundry like I should have), I used the strawberries that my mom gave me from their patch to make a smoothie. I love baking and cooking, but I don't typically use my blender for very much. It had some kind of brown goo on the outside of it. Like a pop had exploded in the cabinet. I checked the cabinet and couldn't see anything. Strange. So after I washed the blender, we tried again. It turned out pretty tasty. I wanted to add banana, but I only had one left, and I wanted it for a snack later tonight. :)

My mom ended up with waaaaay more strawberries than we did!


My helpers!

After smoothies (which Raegan did not get to try because I'm keeping her away from all milk products until she's a year old because of Luke's allergy to milk), we went outside to enjoy the beautiful 80 degree weather. I blew some bubbles for her, which she thought was hilarious. I also got some video of her outside, but am having a heck of a time getting them to load. So I guess pictures will have to do for now, because I need to be getting to bed. Tomorrow morning we're driving to Herrington with Granny to pick up the half a pig that we ordered a couple weeks back.

Playing outside (i.e. trying to pull up fistfuls of grass)

Practicing for time at the lake!

Where's Daddy? I thought he would be wakeboarding behind this thing!


Olivia Arlene said...

Those are some nice lookin strawberries!

Cute pix of Raegan as always :-)

You are smart to keep her away from all dairy for a while. Strawberries can be allergens to a lot of people too, so maybe best to keep her away from those as well? My girls both have dairy allergies and so does Chris. Kinda sad because I LOVE ice cream and so does Sean lol! My girls have to stick to slushies like their daddy.

Shannon said...

I've been reading up on feeding since the day she was born, basically. Pretty much everything I've read says if you have a family history of allergies you should stay away from milk and other potential allergens until your child is a year old. So I am. I think I'll probably introduce her to some milk product a week or two before her birthday, because how much would that suck to find out that she's allergic to milk at her birthday party while she's chowing down on her cake? She doesn't eat strawberries or citrus either, and we've been going slow with wheat. Not that we have any family history of allergies besides milk, but still. I'm particular like that. :)