Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sweet Deals!

Got Raegan's 9 month portraits done at Sear's this afternoon. They turned out really cute. As always, we ended up picking totally different pictures than what I thought we would. Girlie always surprises us! You can follow this link to see all of the shots she took. We ended up getting #7 to share with all of the family, #11 to put in the frame on the coffee table, and a collage to hang on the wall with #15 in black and white as the main picture, then some of the other bathtub pictures in color at the bottom (one of them being #19, which I LOVE!). I was really impressed, because Sear's wasn't really that much more expensive than Wal-mart, and we got a much better selection. Plus, she was a nervous, shy gal so she didn't try to push a whole bunch of poses and backgrounds on us like they always have at Wal-mart. It probably helped that I went in knowing exactly what I wanted?

While I was waiting for her to upload all of the photos so we could pick out what we wanted, I wandered over to the baby clothes, which are strategically placed right next to the portrait studio. Completely on accident, I'm sure! They were having a MAJOR sale on clothing, and I found a couple really cute outfits. Raegan certainly doesn't need any more summer clothes this year, but I found a couple outfits for next summer. The price tags said one was $6.99 and the other was $5.99, which I thought was great. They ended up ringing up for $4.89 and $3.49. Very cool!

I LOVE the colors in this outfit. If they had it in 12 months, I probably would have bought it even though she really doesn't need it. I love plaid!

Olivia, doesn't one of your daughters have this outfit?

After we got done at Sear's, we went over to Old Navy. I had seen a commercial for men's cargo shorts for $15 and Luke has been wanting to get another pair. He couldn't find any he liked in his size, but he was able to find a pair of board shorts for $8 that he will use as a swimsuit. I also found this swimsuit for Raegan for $10:

Raegan has one already (thanks again, Olivia!) but it's still a little big for her and she keeps basically undressing herself because she can slip out of the straps so easy. We figured it would be worth it because we have out blow up pool up now, so she should get plenty of use out of it.

I love good bargains!

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Olivia Arlene said...

Yep, Chloe has the one outfit!

No problem, I'm glad you've been able to use the clothes and I totally understand the swimsuit situation :-)