Monday, June 7, 2010

Lazy Monday

Ah. Lazy Monday at home. This wasn't my original intention for the day, but the downpour this morning and afternoon changed things for us. When Raegan and I left the house this morning (Zane is at his mom's until Wednesday evening), it was very overcast and there was some thunder. By the time we got across town it was pouring. :( We raced into my work anyways. I had to look at my new classroom (with a bathroom and a ton of bulletin boards!!!) and decide where on the walls I wanted to put up tackstrip.

Then we came home so Raegan could take a nap. Poor baby has a cold, so it was a short one. Eating was kind of unpleasant for her also - it's very hard to eat and mouth breathe at the same time, you know! She did entertain herself trying to eat puffs while I cleaned up the kitchen and unloaded the dishwasher. I had us all ready to go to the store, and when I opened the front door, it was raining again. Blast! So we just stayed inside and played. It was perfect weather for napping, so when Raegan went down for her afternoon nap I decided to take one myself. I. Love. Naps.

We finished off the day by finally making it to Walmart, then running out to my parents' house for awhile. It was nice to just sit and visit.

So yeah, not the day I had planned, but it was still very nice. :)


Olivia Arlene said...

I always like those kinds of lazy rainy days :-)

Claire Emma Miller said...

I love "butts up" sleepers :D