Friday, June 25, 2010

Camp Invention

For the last three summers Zane has gone to two weeks at Camp Invention. It's put on the by our school district. Every morning for two weeks Zane would go over to South High and get to do experiments and build things. A big part of the program is problem solving and figuring out how to make things and meet criteria set by the instructors with common household items and junk, basically. For example, this year Zane took in an old tape recorder that no longer worked to take apart to put into the can crushing machine that his group was trying to make. We'll have to look into what the school district offers in the summer for middle schoolers next year, because this was the last year that Zane could go to Camp Invention. :( He's really enjoyed it, and it's one thing that he reliably wants to do every summer.

Here's Zane last summer with the bug he made:

And this summer sharing about how they are going to get rid of Trash Island. His group was the S.S. Deatheaters (woo hoo Harry Potter reference FTW!) and they were going to either take the trash and shoot it up into outer space, or turn it into other things. Heh.

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Olivia Arlene said...

Very cool! I hope there is something similar that he can do next Summer too!