Sunday, May 16, 2010


Before I upload a couple pictures from today, I wanted to post this picture first. This is our cat Radar grooming Zane before bed. I probably shouldn't say "our" cat, rather Zane's. Luke and Zane found him 4 years ago in January when he hopped over the fence into our backyard in Manhattan. He hung around (probably because we fed him) and we slowly started letting him inside. When we moved to Salina that September, we took him with us. We kept him inside only the first month (which just about drove Radar - and us! - crazy) because we were worried he might run off.
We lucked out because he did not, and we have this wonderful indoor/outdoor cat. He's very dog-like, in that he comes when you call him and he much prefers to be around humans. He does get his moments when he *has* to go outside to "prowl" but he also loves being around his humans. Especially Zane. Many nights you will see Radar stalking down the hallway to Zane's room about a half hour before Zane goes to bed. If Zane goes to bed with wet hair Radar will "groom" him, as you can see in the picture above. :)

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