Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My graduation

My mom gave me a wonderful gift today - a photo album/journal of every week that she watched Raegan from October until last week. It is AWESOME! As Luke said when he saw it, "How is any day care provider we have from now on going to live up to this standard?" Very true! And she gave me a CD full of all the pictures she took over that time period. This is also wonderful, because as I got back into the swing of working full time, the amount of pictures I took of Raegan really tapered off.

My camera kind of sucks, so Luke didn't get very many good pictures of my graduation. So now with my picture-CD-of-awesomeness, I can post a couple pictures.
I'm really glad my mom took this picture, because now I can actually see what the stage looked like. You would think having been to two commencements here, I would know, but it's all just a blur.

Keeping Raegan entertained for the HOUR that my family had to wait for the whole thing to start. Total time at Bramlage = 3 hours. Yeah. Not cool.

Walking in.

I thought this one was kinda cool how it was all blurry.

Me with my fake diploma. The real one will be mailed to me sometime here in x number of weeks.

Me = has a master's. :)

Not sure what I'm doing with my hands here. lol

I'm a little bummed. Out of all the shots of our whole family, none turned out with us all at least looking at the camera. I need to figure out how to cut and paste in pictures, because then I could trade this Zane out for another one. Worth the effort? For the few family pictures I have because of Luke's aversion to getting his picture taken, yes it would be.

"Oh hey, I'll take that!"

Me and my parents. I love this picture (and I love them!)


Shannon said...

Just testing to see if I can leave comments. I put up a new layout so that everyone could see the pictures better. :) Hopefully that helps with the comments also.

Starbuck said...

If you send me a couple photos, I'll swap people out.

Just Passing Through said...

Okay, relooking at this pictures and reading your comments made me cry. We just love you so much!! and are so proud of you!

Shannon said...

Samantha, you rock! Is your email addy on your facebook?

Olivia Arlene said...

Really great pictures! Congrats Shannon! Alot of long hard work paid off. It must feel great! :-)