Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy busy!

In the middle of a crazy busy weekend, so this post is going to be quick.

Yesterday I walked at commencement for my master's degree. Veeeeeerrrrry cool! I am officially done with school, for good this time, except for the few credit hours I have to take every five years to renew my teaching license.

Raegan wants to scooch and crawl and just be mobile so badly. She just can't quite coordinate her movements forward yet, although she's getting pretty good at scooching backwards. And using one legs to turn herself in a circle when she's sitting up. She loves making clicking noises with her tongue right now, and her tooth looks like it's pretty much in. We're working on sign language now - "more" "eat" and "milk" for starters. She's such a smart girl - I think she'll pick it up pretty good.

Zane has four more days of elementary school! I can remember his first day of kindergarten so clearly. It just doesn't seem like it's been that long. I'll have to scan in one of his first day of kindergarten pictures to post up along with a last day of fifth grade picture! He has a busy week ahead of him - Tuesday is Honors Night, Wednesday evening he gets to go to The City ("club" for teens and tweens), and Thursday is the last day with memory book signing, a pizza party, and an early dismissal. I've been assured that it's "still okay" for parents to eat with their kids (meaning it's not uncool yet), so I'll be going to his pizza party on Thursday. It's always fun to be around his classmates and friends - they think they're so grownup and they're still such kids.

Okay, back to getting ready for the party. Once my mom gets me the pics from my graduation, I'll post those plus the dedication pictures.

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Olivia Arlene said...

Congrats on getting your masters!!!

It's so fun to watch babies grow and learn :-) I've done sign language (not a lot) for my kids too and I think it really helps tone down on the whining later on when they still can't use "real" words but want to communicate.

Well that's great that you are still a "cool" mom lol! I wonder how much longer that will last? ;-)