Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend things

I'm loving my new layout. Eventually I would like to get a customized header with the kids' pictures, but the setup I have going on right now will do just fine.

Luke spent the weekend putting up a deck off our back door. The frame is up, with the help of his brother Darin. Over the course of the week he's going to put up the stairs, planks, etc. Hopefully (and that's some big hoping!) it will be done by the end of next weekend. When Zane got home from his mom's tonight he helped Luke for awhile. The two of them have started doing more things together lately, which is really neat to see. At least a couple times a week they go out on the trampoline and work on their ninja moves. lol

Quick offshoot story: On Zane's last day of school he was filling out a piece of paper. It was something about a time capsule. I don't know when exactly they'll get to look at them again. The one thing that I noticed on there was under, "Person I admire the most" Zane wrote "my dad". It kind of made me tear up a little, honestly.

Today was freakin' hot, y'all. I just now at 10:00 p.m. feel like it's cooled off enough to open the windows up. Every year I say that I want to wait until June 1st to turn on the air conditioning. And every year there's a few freak hot days that cause me to have to turn it on before June. I think I must jinx it by putting a date out there. So note to self: next year, no talky talky about when I want to turn on the A.C. :)

I am highly disappointed that the weather forcast continues to call for rain All Week. I was really hoping that we could go to the Manhattan zoo sometime this week, but I don't feel comfortable driving that far if there's a chance of rain. I guess we do have all summer, but I thought it would be a fun thing our first week. Oh well. I think we may try to go to the library tomorrow, and then if it really does end up raining all week, we might go to the museum here in town. It's not anything all that big or super!cool, but it would be a nice thing to do to get out of the house.

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Olivia Arlene said...

Zane sounds like such a sweet kid!

I hear ya on the weather thing. It always gets hot sooner than I'd like. And it's so hard to make plans for outdoors when there is a chance for rain.