Monday, May 24, 2010

Trip to the park

Today's weather was much better (still windy as all get out, but it didn't heat up nearly as quickly) so the three of us went to Jerry Ivey park this morning. It was Raegan's first official visit to a park - her and I stopped at Oxbow on a walk a couple weeks ago and I pushed her in the swings for a minute, but nothing else. She really liked the merry-go-round and going down the slides with Zane. She wasn't too keen on the geese though. We went out on the dock to look at some ducklings in the pond, and the geese put up quite a racket because of the lawn mower. She got a VERY serious look on her face and would not smile or make any noises until we went back to the playground equiptment. We actually got trapped on the dock for a couple minutes because all the geese were gathered at the exit of the dock. I am quite familiar with geese's nasty attitudes from having them growing up, so I wasn't about to try to bust through that flock. :)

After the park we went back to the house for awhile, then took Luke lunch. It was too windy to sit at the picnic benches at Lakewood, so we just stayed in the car. This big guy with a teeny tiny black poodle was at the park throwing a ball with a slingshot for the poodle. It was really funny - the poodle would take off like a shot and go retrieve the ball. We were all wishing we had a good dog.....

Some pictures from the park:

Raegan loved going down the slides with Zane!

She also LOVED the merry-go-round. I got on it with her while Zane pushed us, and me = not a big fan. Blech!

This is where she was pretty freaked out by the geese.


They were looking down into the bushes at more ducklings.

Look at how cloudy it was on that end of town. It never did end up raining though.

Wild hair!

She was just kicking her feet!


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Olivia Arlene said...

Looks like a great park! Sweet pictures of the Big Brother and Baby Sister!