Monday, May 10, 2010

Sleep, school, and other Monday news

Things are NOT good when Raegan gets too tired. Which I think she was tonight. The more tired she gets, the more she FIGHTS sleep. She was asleep at 7:30, and when we tried to transfer her to her crib she woke up. And then alternated fussing and hollering for over an hour. She's asleep now, but yeesh!

She definitely is clapping! She was doing it again tonight, and actually making some real clapping noises too. And as always, Raegan is insanely pleased with herself when she masters something new.

Zane finished his digital fourth quarter book report. If you want to check it out this link *should* take you there. It took a lot of cattle prodding on our part (heh), but I think he did a pretty good job. We are the meanest parents ever for maaaaaaaking him do it though. Oh, and don't make comments on his page, por favor. :) If you ever wanted to know ever tiny detail about the first Percy Jackson book, this is the book report to read. Luke finally had to say to him, "This is what 'summarize' means...." lol

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Just Passing Through said...

The book report was good - and it was so "Zane". Let's face it - when in a conversation with him, Zane doesn't "summarize" anything. LOL