Friday, May 7, 2010

Here We Go Again....

.... but hopefully this attempt at a family blog will go better than previous attempts. Summer is fast approaching, and with no work and no classes, I figure I *should* have time to blog. (Says the mama of a 8 month old and 11 year old.)

So. Things that have been happening lately. This week has been full of firsts for Raegan. First tooth broke through Sunday (May 2nd). First ear infection on Monday (which led to Mommy taking a full day off work for the first time since coming back from maternity leave). First antibiotics, which have so far cleared up her cough somewhat and given her bad diahrrea and subsequently, an awful diaper rash. The tooth is on the bottom left, and broke through quite a bit more last night, to where you can see it pretty well now. It definitely hurts when she chomps on my hand!

Raegan has continued to be my content, lovely tempered child, even while sick. She's been a little quieter this week, but still is full of smiles and is content to play the day away. She still isn't crawling, but can scooch in a full circle. She wants to crawl so badly. You can tell that she is just going to be so darn proud of herself when she finally can do it.

Zane is down to less than two weeks of elementary school. And then on to middle school (yuckyuckyuck). He's decided to do optional ninth period so that he can take art, which keeps him in school for 3:20. This works out beautifully, because I typically get off work at 3:30, so he won't have to walk over a mile home and will only have to wait on me for 15 minutes or so. So we have that figured out, at least until December.

Tomorrow Raegan and I are relaxing at home, because we have a busy couple weeks ahead of us. Next week I have a loooong meeting after work Monday, school picnic Tuesday, GRADUATION on Friday, and Raegan's baptism and our family get together on Sunday. I'm excited for next weekend, although I have the feeling I'm going to be exhausted from it.

My goal for tomorrow - picture post. We'll see.....

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Olivia Arlene said...

Wow, lots going on! I hope you are able to enjoy your Summer!