Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving

I've been realizing all weekend long just how much more of a "big kid" Raegan is compared to last year. She was actually able to do some of the activities at Fall Fest yesterday. She totally knows what candy is and is all over it. She can participate in pumpkin carving. Man, I cannot WAIT until Christmas! :)

All that being said, Raegan just was not feelin' the pumpkin carving this year. She wasn't feeling very good today, so that may have been some of it. Although she does have her moments of being a prissy girl, so that might have been it too.

There was no way she was going to touch anything that came out of the pumpkin!

I'll look, but that's about it!

Putting Daddy in his place with a look!


I don't remember what I said here to get such a big smile out of her

Finished product

Kind of blurry, but you get the full effect. In case you were wondering, it's the symbol from the Halo video games. It's going to be so weird when Zane's out of the house and we have to do non-superhero/video game/boyboyboy pumpkins! :)

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Olivia said...

My kids don't like the pumpkin "guts" at all! But they like to watch.