Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was indeed a lot more fun this year. I wouldn't say Raegan is really at the age where she LOOOOOVES it, but she was pretty excited about the candy and seeing her grandparents. Luke and I have made a joint decision that there will be NO FEATHERS in any way, shape or form on her costume next year. It was kind of a pain to put together and more of a pain to keep together, but the end result was pretty fabulous.

The cutest jailbird you will ever meet!


Oh yeah, wait a minute. I'm sick. I almost forgot.... :)

Granny and Papa think she's the cutest jailbird ever also!

Jazz hands! She almost looks like some kind of cancan dancer in some of the pictures.

Officer Zane. The mustache is about 50% his. lol

Love that boy!

I was so happy, because when we went to my Grandma's house, Zac and Deeanna were there with the kids. Raegan was pretty happy to see Baby Ryan. Look at that thoughtful old soul! :)

Trick or Treating at Rick's house. Raegan wasn't scared at all of the graveyard he has set up in his front yard. (The noises on the porch were a little more scary to her though.)

Trunk or Treat at our church

Trick or Treating in our neighborhood

Happy Halloween everybody!


Olivia said...

Those are great pictures! How fun! I am sure feathers are a pain in the behind, but they are cute :)

Laurie said...

So cute! (I like the creative costumes!)