Friday, October 7, 2011

Random pics

Raegan and I had a lot of fun together last weekend. Luke and Zane went camping Saturday night, so Raegan and I had some girl time. It was beautiful Saturday evening, so we had a picnic outside on the picnic table that Luke's mom found a couple weeks ago. Raegan was super excited to get to eat outside. I know that sometimes at Angela's they have snack outside, but it's not something we've ever done at home yet.

Sunday morning we skipped church so that we could go to the dog show and the pumpkin stand north of town. Raegan was so very happy to be at the dog show. She kept saying, "Puppy! Puppy!" and a couple people let her pet their dogs, which she loved.

Raegan watching some dogs in the obedience rings

But even moreso than the dog show, Raegan loved the pumpkin stand. I'm thinking that she's just going to be overjoyed when we go to the actual pumpkin patch in a couple weeks. While I picked out pumpkins, Raegan carted pie pumpkins and mini pumpkins into the wagons that were lined up by the bins of pumpkins. We were the only ones there, so she played to her heart's content. She did NOT want to leave!

Happy girl!

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