Saturday, October 8, 2011


I decided to take Raegan to Hyllningsfest instead of Pumpkin-PaZooLa this morning. I figured Hyllningsfest is only once every two years, and we have been to various zoos so many times already this year. And either way, we would have been rained on. :) We pretty much only stayed for the parade. I had wanted to stick around after the parade to see our nieces dance, but it was starting to pour, and it was getting close to lunch time and the lines for food vendors was long, so that was that. Raegan did enjoy the parade though!

She had a death grip on her box of Nerds!

Look at my candy, Mama!

I KNOW I can get this open somehow....

Happy Mommy and Raegan before we got rained on

The three girls more to the front our our nieces.


Olivia said...

Yay for Hyllningsfest! Even with the rain, it was a nice day I least it wasn't too cold :) We didn't stay after the parade either. Maybe 2013 will be better...

Laurie said...

It was fun to see you and Raegan at the parade!
Fun times!