Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Fest

Raegan and I went over to Fall Fest at our local college on Saturday. We always get there a little early while the costume contest is going on, so that we can enjoy the activities before the millions of children descend upon the gym. Every game station gives you candy and Raegan kept asking and asking and asking to have some. When I finally gave her some Smarties towards the end, you would have thought I offered her the world the way she just lit up. Trick or treating should be interesting this year, because last year she really had no idea what candy was.

Coloring a pumpkin

Playing basketball

The Beanbag Toss is really so much easier if you just walk right up to it. #truefax

I tried to get a pretty fall picture of Raegan when we left, because the campus at KWU is just beautiful. I got some pretty silly faces before I got one that I liked. Well, I like them all actually!

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Olivia said...

Sometimes the silly faces are just as endearing