Sunday, October 16, 2011


Raegan is counting all the way to 13 now, and has been for about two weeks. We're really working on the 14, because she consistently says 18 every single time after she gets to 13. For some reason when I took this video she kept talking about Grandma, so you'll hear her say that at the beginning and then again at the end. :) I also should point out that it's just audio. Raegan kept acting super silly every time I pointed the camera at her, so I just recorded this on the sly, with the camera pointed down at my leg.


Seeing Through New Eyes said...

She is so amazing!

Olivia said...

Yay! Her little voice is so sweet :)

Oh, and I commented back on my blog, but I didn't know if you would see it...that pumpkin patch is between McPherson and Lindsborg off of Quivira Rd.