Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Burlap wreath

I have a billion posts to make, you guys. My computer crashed on me this weekend, after a long weekend of a lot of fun. I was super bummed that I couldn't share any of the fun on here. But a good chunk of cash, a new modem, and a newly restored Windows system later, here I am again!

It's getting kind of late, so just one post for tonight. Ever since I went to the Hillsboro Craft Fair last month, I've been wanting to be more crafty. It took me about a week, but I finally finished the burlap wreath I wanted to make. It's now proudly displayed in my classroom at school. I'll put the link for the tutorial after the pictures in case you want to make one! It was super easy. It really wouldn't have taken a week if I hadn't kept putting it off. I got really hung up on trying to make my flowers all symmetrical and perfect, which totally isn't necessary. Silly.

I needed twine that I had at school to hang it, but I think you get the general idea with it propped up on this bookshelf.

Up close of the pretty flowers.

Ignore the little glue string that I just saw. This one is my favorite flower - I love the button in the middle.

And, as I promised, the link to the tutorial. Next I would like to try my hand at the burlap Halloween wreath in this post. I don't know - how many fall wreaths can you have? :)

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Olivia said...

Love that wreath!!! So cute!!!