Saturday, April 9, 2011

Update on my smarties!

Whew! Another busy week over. Between that and no internet (or cable) from Wednesday through Friday (ugh!) I haven't had a chance to blog. Lots of updates though.

Zane finished his math state assesments this week. He did the reading ones about a month ago, and got an exemplary (highest category you can get) on those! We should find out his math score pretty soon. This week in band, his teacher told him that he had the potential to be the best trumpet player in the class. There are 11 trumpets in the sixth grade band, so that's a pretty high compliment. Zane took this to mean that he doesn't need to practice as much anymore (ha!) Teenagers and their logic sometimes....

Zane's science fair is on Tuesday. He and one of his classmates made an air cannon. They aren't allowed to actually shoot it off at the science fair (thank God!) so we have to videotape Zane and Ajay shooting it at home and then load it to YouTube so that they can play it on a laptop at their display table. I'll post the video once we take it.

Raegan still doesn't care to watch cartoons on television (which is just fine with me!) but she was absolutely fascinated when I was watching a little bit of Dancing with the Stars last Monday. She said "Whoa!" and stopped to watch, then started twirling around in circles. Twinkle, Twinkle has been replaced by Itsy Bitsy Spider as her favorite song. She does these hugely exaggerated movements for "down came the rain" and it's adorable. She also loves playing Ring Around the Rosy, especially if the whole family will join in with her.

Raegan knows many body parts now. She names eye, nose, mouth, teeth, and knee, and she can point to all of those, plus ear, hair, neck, hand, arm, foot, leg, and belly. She loves showing her belly! :) She knows the noises that a horse, bear, lion, bird, dog, cat and sheep make, and she loves reading any book that has animals or babies in it. Raegan's big obsession right now is babies. A six month old girl started at daycare a couple weeks back, and Raegan is CRAZY about her. Raegan already says her name, and Angela said that she likes to give her pats on the back and always wants to give Angela the diaper when she needs to change the baby. Yesterday when we went grocery shopping, Raegan kept asking "Baby?" and looking around every aisle we went down. We only saw one baby in the whole store, but she sure was looking.

Pictures and videos to come.....

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