Saturday, April 23, 2011

Church Easter egg hunt

This morning was the Easter egg hunt at our church. I was kind of hesitant to take Raegan, because she's been stuffy and just generally under the weather since Wednesday. Nothing was making her happy this morning, so I thought we would probably skip this year, but when I mentioned going to church, she perked right up, so off we went.

They start the program in the sanctuary first, where they do a couple songs and talk about how Jesus died and rose again. I really like that they divide the hunt up by age, so that Raegan isn't being trampled by big kids. She was in the 0-2 year old group, and I was amazed at how many eggs there were. She got a bucket full, and she spent a LOT of the time just looking around at what everyone else was doing.

Unfortunately, the batteries on my camera died only a couple pictures into it, but I did get a couple short videos too.

Walking up by herself like such a big girl :)

Raegan was a little skeptical about all the people there at first.

She kept stoppig to brush the grass off the eggs. (And to ask "Candy?" a million times. lol)

I just have to point out that when I told her to look behind her, she immediately knew what that meant! :)


Olivia Arlene said...

"Candy?" LOL! She knows what's important ;)

I noticed that too! She turned and looked when you told her to look behind her! Such a big smart girl :)

Claire Emma Miller said...

What a girl!!!