Saturday, April 30, 2011


My sister in law texted me this afternoon to see if I would watch my nephew Ryan for a couple hours. When I had stopped by there earlier in the afternoon, she mentioned that he wasn't napping or sleeping very well and she was getting really tired and frustrated. I said sure, as long as she came back to get him by 8:30. Raegan took a late nap this afternoon, so I knew she would be up a little later this evening, and I didn't want to interfere with her ability to go to bed.

Raegan was SO! EXCITED! because there was a real baby. IN HER HOUSE. The only problem is that she's twenty months old, so she has no clue that you have to be gentle with the baby and you can't pat the baby nearly as hard as you do the kitty. It's funny because last night her cousin Jacy (who turns a year next month) was over, and Raegan was not too keen on sharing toys with her. But she was all about giving Ryan toys to play with this evening.

After supper he got really fussy, so I put him in The Godsend Swing for awhile. He kind of drifted off, so I left the room to go put away some things from supper. Raegan came running after me fussing, saying, "Baby, baby!" She was very insistent that we NOT leave him alone for a second. She kept wanting to give him his paci and his bottle and kisses. Eventually we had to tell her to back off a bit, because I was afraid she was going to squash him a little bit. lol Raegan kept alternating between calling Ryan "baby" and "Me-dee" (Melody is the name of the baby from daycare) and we had to keep reminding her his name was Ryan. At which point she would growl his name. I guess Ryan does sound a little like "rawr." Silly, silly girl.

Handsome man!

Raegan wanted to be as close as she could possibly get to Ryan


"Nice" pats

Here, have your toy!

You are getting very sleeeeeepy.... :)


Olivia Arlene said...

How cute!!! Sweet Raegan :)

Laurie said...

This is the first time I've seen Ryan! What a cutie! I'm glad that the cousins can be buds!