Monday, April 18, 2011

Just stop already!

Little girls' fashion pisses me off.

I felt this way before I became a mom, when I saw some of the things LITTLE girls in my class were wearing. Now that I am a mom, I feel that way even more strongly.

I don't want my under two year old wearing a bikini this summer. I don't want her wearing halter tops and itty bitty shorts with writing on the butt. She is still a baby, for crying out loud. Why is it okay for companies to manufacture this crap?!?!?!?!

I've been searching for a swimsuit for Raegan for weeks now. I wish I would have bought the SPF swim shirt and bottoms that I loved from Babies 'R Us a couple weeks back, but unfortunately I decided to wait and see what else there was. I have no problem with a two piece swimsuit that completely covers my daughter. Last year Raegan wore a tankini. No tummy showing. None of this baloney:

When I looked on one website, out of the 26 swimsuits they offered for toddler girls, 9 were bikinis. And only 7 were one piece swimsuits. Come on. Seriously? She's a little girl. Let her be a little girl. And don't even get me started on the fashion choices for Raegan when she gets older. Ugh ugh ugh. With Zane, we just had to avoid the plethora of t-shirts with annoying obnoxious sayings on them. You don't have to avoid sexy clothing when you have a boy. I shouldn't be having to even think about this kind of thing until she's in middle school and high school. If Raegan cares at all about clothing, I could be having the "you can't wear that" fights with her when she's in kindergarten. Or before.

This rant brought to you by my annoyance with the oversexualization of our culture.


Samantha said...

That would be adorable if it was a tankini. Have you checked Target? Ours has a lot of tankinis, surfer style shirts and bottoms, and some adorable one pieces.

I do understand wanting 2 pieces for little girls. It's easier to change bums and, if you have a long torso, it's so much easier to find a suit that fits. I have horrible memories of trying to decide between having a perma-wedgie or having my non-existent boobies hanging out. There's no reason for them to be so skimpy, though.

For what it's worth, my mother had the best solution to my wanting to wear things she didn't approve of: I could wear whatever I wanted, but I had to pay for it myself. Trust me, I never had enough to buy any of the things I wanted til I had a part time job in high school.

Shannon said...

I would buy that swimsuit in a heartbeat if it were a tankini because the pink plaid is adorable. And I have no problem with Raegan wearing a two piece like a tankini or the swim shirt and shorts. It's much easier to change her swim diaper with the two piece.

I have looked at Target and there already wasn't very much to choose from in her size. I thought I was getting a head start by looking so early, but apparently I should have started the second swimsuits came out? :)

Laurie said...

Amen Mama Shannon! I DO mean this! Oh for way longer days of "innocence" for little ones... Moms like you CAN make a difference, Shannon! Stick to your "Mama Bear Instincts"!

Claire Emma Miller said...

It's the "string bikini top" look that creeps me out. What are those two tiny triangles suppose to be covering? I'd rather put my little girl (if I had one!) in a swim diaper and be done with it. Why does there have to be a sexy top to go with the bottoms?