Wednesday, November 3, 2010

KWU Fall Fest

Saturday I took Zane and Raegan to Fall Fest at the local college. I've always wanted to take Zane, but it's always fallen on a weekend that he was at his mom's. Really, if Raegan hadn't been there and he wasn't such an awesome big brother, he would have been too old for it. And Raegan was really too young for it. But I guess if you average out their ages, it was just right? haha

Zane making a bug mask for Raegan. We got there right when it started so we missed the enormous crowd that was there as we were leaving!
Whatcha doing, Bubba?
Raegan was supposed to throw the rat in the bucket, but three guesses whether she did or not? :)
Zane playing Plinko for candy
Carving our pumpkin afterwards
Look at that cute pup begging for some pumpkin innards!
It's Nightwing (from Batman) if you didn't know.
For some reason the flash decided to go off so I got this nice picture even though it was night.


Olivia Arlene said...

Fun! Awesome pumpkin! I'm thinking next year I'll cut the bottom off instead of the top too. It looks prettier that way :-)

Shannon said...

That was my husband's genius idea. I don't know what even made him think to do that, but it turned out pretty well.