Friday, November 12, 2010

Back again!

Long time, no blog. It's been another hectic week at work, and I've been tending to veg out in the evenings. My goal to run a 3 mile race on Thanksgiving morning is being challenged by my laziness, so I need to start getting off my butt again. Tomorrow. :)

Tonight was Family Fun Night with Raegan's child care. I didn't get any pictures, which I am majorly disappointed about, but the camera fell out of the diaper bag and was out of commission during the festivities. Angela said she does these a couple times a year, and she just rents out the Friendship Center here in town so there's enough room for all of us. She had a bean bag toss, corn and scoops, ink and stampers, flashlights and a sheet in a dark room, some puzzles, and a table with a train track. Raegan mostly wanted to practice her fabulous walking skills, but she did spend a lot of time at the corn and in the dark room walking back and forth through the sheet. We decided it was time to go when halfway through eating some crackers and cheese she started bawling hysterically. (It was almost 7:30 at that point, which is her typical bedtime.) You know there's something wrong if Raegan is crying instead of eating! hahahaha

So instead of pictures of Famly Fun Night, I'm posting a couple pictures of Raegan coloring at the desk my mom found at a garage sale. Raegan decided today that she LOVES coloring. She was quite put out when it was time to go back upstairs because she was having so much fun.

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Just Passing Through said...

Yeah!!! It's fun for me to see her enjoying the "suprises" the Lord blesses me with at garage sales. What a sweet wonderful precious little Lady (okay, so maybe I'm just a little biased).