Sunday, November 7, 2010

More milestones

I think I could probably blog every day about the new things Raegan does, and still not totally keep up with it all. This is such a fabulous age! I could do without the tantrums though.... :)

Raegan talks all the time now. She has so many words! Let's see how many I can remember: hi, bye, kitty, Daisy, up, hey, no, mama, dada, bubba, nana (banana) ni-ni (night-night), deen (drink). She also shakes her head yes or no to questions (and usually means yes or no, and isn't just doing it for fun anymore!). These are the words she says consistently, but she also repeats a LOT of what we say. She lifts her arms up when she wants up, and often says "up" along with lifting her arms. She's getting really good at pointng or going after something when she wants it. Just this morning she was getitng fussy, so I said, "Do you want a snack?" and she nodded her head yes, then took off into the kitchen, stopped at her high chair, and started patting it. Also, along the lines of receptive language, she also can pat or point to her belly and her nose when you ask her where one is, although sometimes she pats more of her mouth than her nose.

I would say that Raegan is about two steps away from taking off and running. One day I let the dog out, and Raegan was in the kitchen, and she almost started running to try to get to the back door to get outside. Man, does that child looooooooove going outside! We spent almost an hour outside this afternoon. She walked around the backyard and climbed up and down the steps to the deck and played with leaves and sticks in her waterless water table.

Raegan also is really into carrying things right now. She has this carboard box that has some cardboard nestling blocks inside of it that her daycare provider gave her for her birthday. It has a rope handle on it. This weekend she's been carrying that thing everywhere, slung over her shoulder. She'll carry it around for a couple minutes, then put it down and try to stand or sit on it. Luke got this bag out of her closet that we got a while back as a gift and filled it up with a few of her books and showed Raegan how to put it over her shoulder. She LOVED that!

Raegan also loves to help dress herself. She lifts up her feet when you hold her socks and shoes up, and she's learning how to pull her socks off once we loosen them off her heel. Now that we've switched from a finger brush to a real toddler toothbrush, she does a much better job of letting us brush her teeth. Raegan also really likes to pick up her toys. She puts all of her bath toys into the basket after bath every night, and will also put her wooden blocks back in their sack and her toys back in the tubs on her toyshelf. She likes to help me put her laundry away, which always ends up being more unhelpful than anything.But good for a laugh. She'll grab a piece of clothing out of the basket and wad it up then smush it into her drawer. I always ask her if she's learned how to put away laundry from her brother! :)

Oh, and two of her back teeth (what are those, molars) on the right side have come through. Which would probably explain her fussiness in the middle of the night last week. Raegan has slept through the night the last two nights, although with the time change she was up at 6:00 this morning. I wish kids could tell time!

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