Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween pics!

Here's all of the pictures I took Halloween evening. In case you can't tell, Zane in Neo (from The Matrix). He's never seen all of the movie, but I'm pretty sure he that's what he wanted to be so that he could wear a trenchcoat. He's obsessed with trenchcoats now for whatever reason. :)

Checking out Grandma Jones' dogs
I just like this one because it's a little blurry around the bottom
Cousins Bailey and Jacy were there the same time we were!
Raegan wasn't really sure what was going on with so many people in the house trying to take pictures
Emo Zane is very emo with this costume :)
I like this one, with Zane's snurled lip

Oh, the cuteness just slays me!
Also love this one!
Singing in the car on the way to Rick's house
We go see Luke's friend Rick every year. They always go all out for Halloween, and this year was no exception!
Raegan wasn't too sure what to think of some of the decorations
Waiting at the door for Zane and Daddy to get back
Do you see that mouth hanging open and those wild eyes? It's almost bedtime....
Eeeep! Tough guy!
And bedtime!


Just Passing Through said...

I love Zane's outfit!!!!! And of course the little fairy just melts my heart.
There is something about the pix of the back view of the two of them walking down the street together that gets me teary-eyed EVERY time I see it. I am awed and amazed at how much they love each other.

Shannon said...

Did you notice that Zane looks like he has the beginning of a mustache?! Ugh......

Yeah, I love watching the two of them together. She was laughing hysterically at him at supper again tonight an he was just saying things to her. Suppertime is always fun now!