Monday, November 29, 2010


Raegan still isn't a big fan of meat of any kind: turkey, chicken, beef, pork, you name it, she doesn't like it. The only ways we've really found to get her to eat meat are to (1) hide the meat in something (i.e. mix up turkey in her mashed potatoes), (2) give her a dish that has meat mixed up in it (spaghetti or tater tot casserole), or (3) give it to her in a sandwich. For the longest time we chopped up Raegan's sandwiches, and she would just pick out the bread and cheese and leave all the meat sitting on the plate. She's a punk like that. :) Then we discovered that Raegan loves biting off of whole foods. Now we make Raegan her own half of a sandwich, and she usually eats every bite. She's pretty good about taking small bites and not choking too! (I think she just likes anything that makes her like a big girl. Or like Brother.)

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Olivia Arlene said...

Haha! Cutie! Such a big girl :)